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yapıYALIT - Set / B

Cement-based Water Insulation Solution / HALF ELASTICITY

YAPIYALIT SET/A is a two-component cement baset water isulation material that is effective over any kind of cement-based or concrete surfaces.


100% waterproof effect, Resistance to humidity, Very high UV resistance, Breathing Quicksetting, Excellent adherence to cement based surfaces, Easy spread-ability, flowing Improved frost resistance, Perfect ,Non-corrosive and corrosion preventing, Resistance to abrasive salts, Paintmg and tiling is possible


Pour ali liquid component (Comp.B) into powder component (Comp.A) while slightly mixing. Mix them with a mixer tip attached hand drill to get a homogenous mixture. Application surface have to be clean and free of dust, grout residues or oil. Apply prepared mixture 2 coats with brush or by spreading. The coats should be diagonal to each other.

Field of use:

Roof, terraces, pool walls or any other wet area insulation


~20-25sqm and l-lf5mm thick cement-based surface can be obtained with a set of YAPIYALIT SET/A


18-20sqm and 1-1,5mm thick cement-based surface can be obtained with a set of YAPIYALIT SET/B


Technical info sheets



Use the whole bag at one time. Sealed packs can be stored at temperatures between –5 to 50oC for one year. Do not expose the packages to direct sun light for long periods.

Shelf Life
The shelf life is 2 years; under the advised storage conditions given below.

Health Concerns
Avoid inhaling the fine powder particles. Alkaline materials can seriously damage eyes therefore eye protection is strongly recommended. Alkaline materials are also harmful for skin therefore use of protective gloves are recommended. Keep away from children and animals.

The information given here based on our best knowledge and laboratory studies as well as our field experince. No responsibility can be accepted by the manufacturer where the conditions of uses are beyond the control.



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